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The Platform for Smart Property Measurements for Outdoor  Businesses

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Highly Interactive - Accurate Maps in 3 Steps

Automated Measurements of properties

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The Most Effective Service Team Utilise Ottermap

Automated Property Measurements

Get maps delivered in less than 30 min for smaller properties and few hours for bigger ones



Submit property with address search and get ready to use map delivered without lifting  a finger

Submit property with address search and get ready to use map delivered without lifting  a finger


Feature rich detailed map with a 98% accuracy rate. Prepared precise estimates with accurate measurement

It's automated, fast and accurate yet affordable. It can beat any of your existing tool in quality and pricing.

Cost Effective

Want to save working hours in your business?

Want to save working hours in your businesses?

Smoothen Your Sales Process With Ottermap

Features that matters for sales

Access Property Info

Access your property portfolio from anywhere. Our secured data servers keeps all your property data safe on cloud.

Automated Measurements

Get measurements for any property in just 3 steps without leaving your office ever.

Boost Sales

Free up your account managers and BD managers start bidding more and win more

Evaluate the Sales Process 

Give wings to your Sales team with all these features. Check value after 3 months.
Trial is on us!

Explore how Ottermap can help your business

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Customer Stories

Trusted by outdoor service company

"In Ottermap, the cost factor and ROI were impressive. The time to get maps delivered was unbelivable"

Rocky-Mt-Landscaping-logo-140 (1)_edited.png

Bill Jacobson

VP-Business Development


"Ottermap has been great for our company! Their accuracy and speed for site maps are like none other. Any suggestions for how to make our experience better have been taken into consideration and implemented thoroughly."

Virginia Nelson

Business Development Specialist


Ottermap's exceptional communication kept us on track. They're focused to our needs, respecting our time and business. Invaluable support, ensuring smooth operations.

David Sobel

Business Development

  • What does the onboarding process looks like?
    You just need to create an account on the platform, select the area that needs to be measured and pay for the features that you get measured.
  • Can Ottermap measure hundreds of properties in one-go?
    Yes, you can get thousands of properties measured across US, you just need to share the list of addresses and features that you will like us to deliver. Please drop us an email for multiple properties:
  • Can I request updates to Ottermap?
    Ottermap is currently building and your inputs will be of utmost value. Please feel free to share your needs and experience at
  • How accurate is Ottermap?
    1. You get very accurate measurements with Ottermap, Map outlines are as accurate as 7 cm or less within their actual position on the ground. 2. You can get similar accuracy from a property survey if someone moves the measuring wheel exactly along the boundary of the parking lot on the property. And then repeat the exercise of turf, beds and all other features that you measure
  • How does Ottermap digitize/measures properties?
    We use latest technology to process high definition aerial imagery with the help of AI & ML to churn out data that is most relevant to your use.
  • How does Ottermap handle a property covered by trees?
    Currently we are in the process of sourcing high definition imagery taken at different times throughout the year from different service providers across the state for you to be able to map properties that have dense canopy as well.
  • What does the pricing look like? How much is my subscription cost going to be?
    We have a pretty competitive pricing plan, probably the best in the industry and you pay for what you use. Currently there is no subscription model since we are just finished with our beta version and there is more refinement on the way with our next release.
  • What if I need to measure an HOA - How do I mark which area to measured and what not to be?
    The simplest way to do this will be to mark only those areas which you want us to map and share a marked map of the HOA (if you have any for our team to be able to understand your need in a better way). Still confused? Reach out to customer support at and get help with creating the order.
  • How do you charge for measurements?
    We charge as per the area surface area and number of features measured.
  • Does Ottermap offer customer support?
    Yes you can write to us for any of your queries at
  • What type of properties does Ottermap measures?
    We measure all types of properties including Residential properties, Commercial properties, HOAs - common areas, private areas, Municipal right-of-ways, Sub-parts of larger properties and properties outside cities in continental US - in Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa, Canada, Venezuela and Antarctica.
  • What is Ottermap?
    Ottermap is an end-to-end, fully automated property measurement platform, where you do some clicks and get custom tailored results as per your RFP needs.
  • Who are the most common users of our services? How do they best use us?
    Ottermap services are mostly used by Business developers for ordering measurements while working on opportunities, Estimators for offloading measurement tasks on the platform, Operations managers for verifying the maps and measurements through site visits.
  • How do I justify the cost to my company?
    The number of work hours that your business is going to save will be quite evident in justifying the cost however there is more to it. Let’s discuss you use case over a call to get an actual return on investment.
  • What is the smallest and largest property that Ottermap can measure?
    You can measure property of any size with us.
  • How do use measurements on the field for site visits?
    For now, you can open the measurements on your tablet/ipad and use them or take print with yourself. We are currently in the process of developing an app for your ease so that you can use the map, take notes, assign jobs and mark areas on the go. Till then, hold on tight😊
  • How do I get the data from Ottermap?
    Set up a call with us and work through the ROI that you will get, take demo, order some sample properties, check the preciseness of the data and then make a call to use the services or not. There is no contract that binds you to use the service, you also have a money back guarantee for the unused credits.
  • Can I order measurements that are not available on the platform right now?
    Yes, you can get additional features measured along with any 3D insights, for any of such requests and queries, please reach out tom us at
  • What type of property measurements can I request at Ottermap?
    You can measure any property for surface area and its features that are standard across the any of the landscaping industry or pavement industry.
  • What is the ROI?
    The ROI is definitely something that we should talk about, let’s meet over a call to explain you the use and ROI that you are going to get, when you use Ottermap.
  • Don't see an answer to your question?
    Write to us at
  • What will the delivery time look like?
    The current delivery time for measurements is 1 day for a property size measuring 10 – 50 acres approximately. We will soon come out with more precise delivery time calculation as we improvise the product for you in the next release.

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