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Winter Landscaping! The 5 Best Perennial Flowering plants to thrive in extreme cold.

flowers for winter landscaping

Perennial flowering plants are perfect to add a splash of color to your lawn in the coldest months when each corner of your outdoor space is covered with a thick snow blanket. Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you have to settle for a grey snowbear in the landscape outside your door. Add the beautiful pop of color against the bright white snow to your backyard and patio with the vibrant winter flowering plants listed below that will thrive in low temperatures.

Before that, make sure to choose plants that are suited to survive winters according to your USDA Hardiness Zone. Always choose a perennial plant that can thrive and bloom when the first snowdrops begin in a one or two-zone climate cooler than where you live.

1- winter honey suckle

1- Winter Honey suckle - Beloved for its extraordinarily fragrant, short tube creamy white flowers lined up along each stem on almost leafless branches which are a magnet for winter active pollinators like bumblebees. Categorised as a bushy deciduous shrub that blooms in late spring to early winter.

2- Christmas rose

2- Christmas rose - The first bloom is usually in Jan, but occasionally as early as Christmas. These perennial plants flourish in moist soil and partial shade in cold climates, often in the snow. A popular cut flower, it's perfect for growing at the front of a partially shaded lawn.

3- Pansies

3- Pansies - They are usually grown as annual bedding plants having large striking flowers and heart-shaped leaves. These colorful, often bi-colored flowers have face-like markings in the centre, offering a cheerful display of color. Best for winter in mild climates but some varieties will rebound in the spring too.

4- Winter aconites

4- Winter aconites - They bear golden yellow buttercup-like flowers, surrounded by leafy brats from mid to late winter. As the first snowdrops begin, they quickly open their buttercups, spreading a dramatic yellow carpet above white snow. It's perfect to plant them beneath trees. They may take some time to flower, but don't mind, a frequent amount of frost will open their buttercups like blooms at the earliest chance.

5- Hydrangea

5- Hydrangea - The dense-blooming, perennial shrub is a bit of a chemical chameleon due to changing bloom color based on soil type. Suitable for moist but well-drained soil in partial shade, these frost-hardy flowers appear as the most stylish bouquet of dainty flowers.

Remember , to enjoy your winter flowers, you’ve got to plant them in the fall about six weeks before the ground freezes so that they’ll have time to get established before cold weather sets in.


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